In the age of fast-paced digital marketing, it’s more important than ever to make your business stand out within a saturated market. You want to connect with potential users or consumers in meaningful ways. Writing is a critical piece of the marketing effort, as successful storytelling appeals to the core human qualities of empathy and understanding that we all share.

Show, don't tell.

Writers who seamlessly embody your brand’s voice and values—and actually demonstrate to readers the benefits of your mission, products, and services—create a more powerful messaging experience than those who simply “tell” potential customers about what you have to offer.

You’re releasing a new product. Most potential customers will probably skim a list of technical specs. But a product description with a narrative about how different the customer will look and feel? It’s a much more enticing hook. It’s about centering their experience. You want your readers to imagine themselves actually using your product or service. The deeper the emotional connection to your brand’s story, the deeper their engagement with your company.

What's the difference between a content writer and a copywriter?

Before making any hires, know the difference between a content writer and a copywriter.

Content Writers:

  • Inform, educate, entertain, and instruct readers
  • Craft longer-form pieces like articles, blogs, email newsletters, and press releases


  • Persuade and sell your audience on your brand
  • Create short-form copy like ads, sound bites, taglines, and landing page text

Want to create a consistent, engaging brand presence? Develop positive associations between customers and your company over time? Cultivate trust with your target audience? Hire a content writer. They produce pieces that lay the groundwork for future sales.

Want readers to click subscribe? Purchase your product? Search to learn more about your services? Enter: copywriters. They write copy that prompts readers to take immediate action.

Types of Copywriting

Effective copywriters
move your readers. They inspire people to engage with your brand in some way, by creating a sense of urgency or desire. Their copy captivates and enthralls. It makes readers think: I don’t want to miss out on this. I have to have this. You want someone who can communicate your brand, tell your story, and sell your products—but without ever letting the reader know it’s a sales pitch. As with most relationships: seeming pushy and blunt is a turn-off. Being innovative and entertaining is engaging. The more your readers feel centered and supported, the more they’ll keep returning to your business.

Like any writing genre, copywriting has different forms:

  • User experience (UX) writing – creating microcopy that guides users through the interface of digital products like apps and websites. Everything from menu options and buttons to chatbots and error messages.
  • SEO writing – planning and generating optimized copy that’s designed to rank in search engine results. The most effective SEO writing combines keyword research, formatting, and creativity. It’s not just about knowing what keywords and topics your audience is searching for, but how they’re searching for that content.

  • Campaign writing – producing content as part of a marketing campaign to strategically promote a specific company goal. I.e. You might build a campaign to coincide with a product launch. A mix of media like email, cross-platform advertising, and social media requires writing that makes an impression on readers—all while furthering brand identity with clarity and concision.

No matter the form, copywriting should be intuitive and easy to understand by a wide range of audiences. It should also remain consistent with your company’s brand voice. Skilled writers pay attention to detail. They craft narratives that capture readers’ imaginations. You want to build a coherent, compelling experience for your readers.

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