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Simplify U.S. Employment with Rise's Employer of Record Solution

Seamlessly hire and pay U.S. employees from anywhere, in USD or crypto and ensure complete compliance
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Navigating U.S. Employment Complexities

We understand that employing in the U.S. can feel like navigating 50 different countries, each with its unique employment laws when hiring, compensating, and terminating workers.

Rise's EOR solution is designed to seamlessly manage these intricacies, ensuring compliance and ease in every aspect of U.S. employment. Our EOR solution integrates state-specific rules into one user-friendly platform, tailored for off-shore web3 and global companies.

Master US Employment with Ease

Flexible Payroll Options

Offer payroll in USD or crypto to both W2 employees and 1099 contractors, catering to modern workforce and financial needs.

Comprehensive Benefits Through Partnerships

Extend health benefits and travel insurance to your U.S. employees through our robust partner network.

Compliant and Convenient

Experience hassle-free tax compliance and modern payroll solutions with Rise.

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How Rise EOR Works


Create an Account with Rise

Sign up, enter your company details, and agree to our Master Service Agreement. Once we verify your business, you’ll be ready to invite your employees and global contractors to join.


Onboard Your Team

Invite US employees and global contractors en masse and let us handle all the professional agreements and employment contracts, tax compliance, and KYC/AML requirements.


Start Paying Your Team

Easily fund your payroll in USD or USDC, set up payment schedules and let each payee choose how they’d like to withdraw their earnings direct to their bank account or crypto wallet.

EOR for Web3

Ideal for web3-native startups, companies, and DAOs, our EOR service streamlines U.S. employment, offering instant crypto <> fiat routing, payroll and compliance in the evolving digital landscape.

EOR for
International Businesses

Expand your global business into the U.S. with ease. Our EOR solution handles compliance, payroll in fiat or crypto, and benefits, simplifying your U.S. hiring process.

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Navigating U.S. Employment Complexities

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