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Your Independent Business,
All-In-One Place

Manage your clients and payments on one powerful dashboard. Cash out however you want.
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From one powerful dashboard, manage your business compliantly & flexibly.

  • Get paid from clients around the globe.
  • Choose to get paid in fiat, or crypto, or both.
  • Create your Unique Onchain Identifier.
  • Sign Contracts via our Dashboard.
  • Unlock passive sources of income via deFi.

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Get Paid Instantly From Global Clients.

Rise works with businesses based anywhere in the world. We help you get paid instantly & securely with no-fees.

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Fiat or Crypto
Choose Your Payout Options.
  • Easily add your Bank Account info for fiat Wires and ACH.
  • Add your Web3 wallets for crypto payouts.
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Contract Management, via one Dashboard.

Sign and accept Professional Service Agreements right from your dashboard. Have all your contracts in one place.

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Access Tomorrow's Financial Ecosystem

Get access to a novel suite of financial tools to unlock passive income streams via Decentralized Finance.

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Rise's Payroll
Smart Contracts

Payments never experienced before.

Automated & Instant
Global & Secure

Passive Income, Accessible through Rise.

Be in full control of your funds once you get paid. Decide if you want your payout on your Bank Account, or in Crypto. Additionally, choose different protocols to maximize your income passively.

We're introducing RiseIDs, representing your unique identity on-chain.


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Your professional identity, represented on-chain. Interact with Decentralized Applications, Store work history and certifications, Store your compliance status and make it accessible whenever you want to.

The Human Resources world as we know it today is changing. Let's adapt.


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Crypto Currencies


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