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Your Global Team,
All-In-One Place

Rise is an all-in-one compliance and payment solution for companies hiring globally.
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Jenny Johnson
United States
KYC Complete
10 Jobs
5 Certificates
Juli Goren
United States
KYC Complete
10 Jobs
5 Certificates
contract and pay their global teams

Onboard new Talent from
150+ countries in minutes.

  • Verify their identity and compliance through our KYC check.
  • Generate Professional Services Agreements in a couple of clicks.
  • Create teams and folders
  • Put fiat & crypto payroll on autopilot
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Invite all your contractors at once.

We'll make sure they're set up, compliant, and ready to go in no time.
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Create pay schedules and agreements.

Our agreements have been crafted with international workers' laws experts. Go global with Rise.
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Scale your workforce seamlessly.

Streamline payments, agreements and compliance all in one place.
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Local Currencies


Crypto Currencies


Paid to Teams



Made for
Human Resources Managers

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Compliance Check

All contractors on Rise are subject to a KYC check.

Instant Payouts

Automatically and instantly pay your team.

Funds Ownership

Contractors own their funds and can get access to them right away.

High Yield DeFi Accounts

Your team members have access to high yield accounts to maximize their income effortlessly.


Get Access to The Ultimate Payroll Guide

  • Compliant Contracts
  • Flexible Payments for Your Team
  • Organized Financial Information