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Connect, collaborate, and grow with the Rise Partner Program. Join us to revolutionize how the world engages with web3-enabled payroll and compliance to empower global workforces.
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Why Partner with Rise?

Co-Marketing Initiatives

Collaborate on joint marketing campaigns to boost brand visibility and reach.

Thought Leadership

Contribute to our content and participate in events as a recognized industry leader. Get access to our crypto payroll and compliance subject matter experts.

Revenue Sharing

Enjoy a transparent and lucrative revenue-sharing program that rewards your efforts.

Product Integration Support

Receive dedicated assistance to ensure seamless integration with our platform.

Visibility in the Rise Partner Network

Get featured in our network, connecting you with potential clients and partners.

Affiliate Portal Access

Utilize our affiliate portal for referral tracking, rewards, and sharing your unique affiliate link.

Revolutionize the Future of Work with Rise

Join forces with Rise and become part of a pioneering network of partners driving the Web3 revolution in payroll and compliance across the globe.

Payroll Solution & Affiliate Partners

Work with Rise on shared marketing efforts, including educational content, events, and a collaborative approach for introducing web3-enabled payroll and compliance solutions customized to your audience.

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Product Integration Partners

Elevate your platform with Rise's versatile payroll technology, enabling crypto and fiat transactions through robust API integrations. This partnership is crafted for Web3-centric and crypto-savvy platforms aiming to offer comprehensive, streamlined global payment solutions.

How It Works
Step into the Future of Work with Rise


Get Set Up

Apply below to schedule a call with Rise's Partnership team. We'll explore synergies and tailor a partnership that enables both of us to move the Web3 ecosystem forward.


Mutual Referrals

Introduce your community to Rise's hybrid fiat & crypto payroll solution and earn rewards through our Affiliate Program. We'll reciprocate by directing clients in need of your services and partnering on exciting co-marketing initiatives.


Expand Your Reach

Leverage the Rise Partner Network to offer your services to our community, including exclusive offers and discounts, from recruitment and hiring to legal, tax advice and more.

Meet Our Partners

Here are a few featured Rise partners working with us to revolutionize the future of work.

Recent Partner Announcements

Perfect Partners for Rise

Rise partners are leaders in the web3 space as well as global HR, finance and operations experts committed to excellence and growth.

Finance and Crypto Accounting Platforms & Services:
Your expertise in managing digital assets, taxes and transactions complements our payroll & compliance solutions, offering a complete financial ecosystem.
Talent Marketplaces and Recruitment Agencies:
As you connect top web3 talent with opportunities, our platform ensures their compensation is handled with the same innovation and flexibility they bring to their roles.
VCs, Accelerators, and DAOs:
Your role in nurturing the web3 space aligns with our mission to streamline payroll & compliance operations for the organizations shaping the future.
B2B Affiliate Publishers & Web3 Influencers:
Leverage your expertise in blockchain, crypto, and payment technologies to educate and engage business audiences. Help us promote our flexible payroll & compliance solution within the Web3 ecosystem.

Rise Partner Benefits

Payroll Innovation

Introduce your clients and community to seamless crypto and fiat payments made simple for global teams.

Global Compliance Made Easy

Simplify complex regulatory landscapes for your clients with our automated compliance and contractor onboarding tools.

Enhanced Revenue Streams

Benefit from our competitive revenue-sharing models and expand your business's profitability.

Marketing Amplification

Gain exposure through co-marketing initiatives and thought leadership opportunities with our web3 payroll and tax compliance subject matter experts.

Product Synergy

Seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge hybrid payroll solutions into your existing dApps, products and platforms.

Community Connection

Join an elite network in the Rise Partner Network, promoting growth and collaboration.

Join the Rise Revolution

Your journey to redefine payroll and compliance within the Web3 world starts here. Apply to become a Rise Partner today, and let's innovate together for a decentralized workforce.
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