Rise is excited to announce its newest partnership with Braintrust, the decentralized talent network.

Braintrust and Rise are meeting the urgent demand for hiring solutions built for traditional companies and web3-native organizations alike. 

Braintrust is pioneering the world’s first user-owned talent network. Built on principles of decentralization and collective ownership, Braintrust leverages the advantages of blockchain technology to connect top talent with reputable brands. 

While Braintrust forges invaluable connections between organizations and talent, Rise seamlessly facilitates web3-enabled payroll and compliance. 

The partnership between Braintrust and Rise is the exciting first announcement of a series of future collaborations to come. 

A Closer Look at Braintrust

Braintrust’s unique user-owned infrastructure built on the Ethereum blockchain puts talent in control and removes the costly middleman of hiring through staffing agencies and web2 job marketplaces. 

The community that uses Braintrust to connect with work opportunities is the owner, builder, and manager of the network. Braintrust users are incentivized to foster the growth and success of the network through rewards in the form of the governance token BTRST

Tokens are received in exchange for building the network, referring and vetting clients, and as a percentage of what referred clients transact. They are also used to govern the platform. Braintrust users can apply their BTRST tokens to unlock special features and rewards such as free software licenses and access to conferences. 

The resulting job marketplace that Braintrust is growing is founded in the mission of connecting top talent with high-quality work opportunities. By using blockchain-based matchmaking software, connections between global organizations and entrepreneurs are forged while network fees are kept as close to zero as possible.  

Compliance and Payroll with Rise

Rise closes the loop between Braintrust’s decentralized hiring network and the onboarding process with its web3-enabled payroll and compliance solution. 

Once the connection has been made between talent and client, Rise provides blockchain-based services for streamlining identity verification and global crypto payments. 

Rise runs KYC checks to verify contractor identity and compliance, automates professional service agreements, handles global tax forms, and grants all users a RiseID- their unique, self-sovereign, on-chain identity. 

The RiseID is a smart contract owned by the user’s wallet of choice. It leverages the ERC-725 token standard and enables contractors and organizations to identify themselves and authenticate transactions. 

On top of the compliance layer, Rise provides a scalable and flexible solution for paying global contractors in crypto. Built for web3-native organizations and traditional companies alike, Rise supports a wide range of treasuries that include crypto held in digital wallets and fiat held in traditional bank accounts. 

Rise’s dual payment infrastructure enables seamless routing between fiat and crypto. Organizations can fund payroll in the currency of their treasury while contractors can withdraw payouts in their preferred currency, from a selection of 100 cryptos and 90 fiat currencies.  

The Future of Work   

The disruptive potential of blockchain technology is transforming the landscape of work and paving the way for services that prove more decentralized, secure and efficient. 

Braintrust and Rise are playing a critical role in defining the future of web3-enabled solutions. As they continue to grow their networks side-by-side, stay tuned for the ground-breaking possibilities and collaborative work to come.