We're excited to announce our partnership with SafetyWing, an international healthcare network built for digital nomads and the remote workforce. SafetyWing’s high-quality healthcare for contractors across the globe is now available to Rise members at a discounted rate of 35% off. 

Addressing the unique needs of a borderless workforce growing at an unprecedented rate, Rise and SafetyWing provide invaluable support to future-facing companies and their international contractors. 

SafetyWing is a market leader in health insurance. Developed by a fully remote team, SafetyWing’s deep understanding of the flexibility a global and nomadic workforce requires has allowed them to build the first product of its kind. 

Starting today, Rise members can now experience SafetyWing’s next-level healthcare that travels with them, no matter where in the world their remote work takes them. 

Reimagining Travel Medical Insurance

SafetyWing’s commitment to remote healthcare access seamlessly integrates technology and medical expertise to ensure optimal care regardless of location or travel. Their services cater to the specific lifestyle and work arrangements experienced by individuals who frequently live between different countries.

At present, SafetyWing offers two distinct healthcare plans, the Nomad Insurance and the Remote Insurance. 

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance covers travelers across the world, providing premium travel medical insurance for individuals living abroad. This plan can be activated prior to setting off or once travels have already begun. In addition to covering healthcare costs, SafetyWing protects against the expenses incurred by travel delays, trip interruptions and lost bags.  

For companies with remote teams, SafetyWing’s Remote Insurance is designed to offer comprehensive coverage to support the well-being of a globally distributed workforce. Regardless of employee status- whether full or part time- or team size, there are customizable options for scaling insurance plans to best meet company needs. 

A distinguishing characteristic inherent to remote work is its unique degree of flexibility. SafetyWing is providing an innovative solution and next-level flexibility that align seamlessly with the remote work ethos.

Payroll for the Remote Workforce  

While SafetyWing handles access to top-tier remote healthcare, Rise ensures instant, remote payments for global contractors in fiat and crypto. Embodying similar principles of flexibility, Rise provides expanded options for employers and contractors to pay and and receive payment in their preferred currency. 

Rise is built for traditional companies and Web3-native organizations alike; payroll can be funded in crypto from a digital wallet or in fiat currency from a bank account. Rise’s flexible routing allows for employers to issue payments in fiat and contractors to choose crypto as their payout option, or vice versa. 

In addition to payroll, Rise guarantees total compliance for international hires. Companies can use Rise to streamline KYC onboarding and automatically generate tax forms and professional service agreements for contractors. All this while ensuring adherence to global regulatory standards for payments in both fiat and crypto. 

At Rise, we're dedicated to building a dynamic solution for scaling global payroll and compliance. Amidst the rapid growth of the remote workforce, Rise is meeting the evolving needs of global companies and contractors in real time.  

Innovative Support for Global Workers 

The partnership between Rise and SafetyWing is ushering in a new era of comprehensive products developed to support the international remote workforce. 

Rise members can now experience the benefits of global top-quality healthcare with expanded coverage options that include dental, vision, and outpatient care. Discounted rates are offered across three different plans for residents in more than 175 countries. 

Rise and SafetyWing are empowering individuals with the support they need to thrive in the rapidly-developing landscape of remote work.