Pay & manage
Globally & Compliantly

We make it easy for you to hire, pay and manage contractors internationally while ensuring your full compliance.

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Onboard Your Talent

Easily import contractors you know and want to work with. We’ll make the process easy for you. Have them sign your NDAs & IP Agreements digitally. 

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Create Pay Schedules
& Contracts

Whether hourly, fixed, on-going or one-offs, our contract generation flow will enable you to get going with your contractors in just a couple of clicks. 

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Contractor Compliance,
Made Easy

As agent of record for your contractors, we ensure full compliance with local labor laws and let you know when everything’s in check. If not, we’ll send reminders to your contractors.

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Pay Your Team Effortlessly

Our powerful dashboard gives you full visility on your contractors payment schedules. We let you know when it’s time to pay, and allow you to pay your entire team at once. 

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Other companies have found our solution to be a game changer for their finance, operations, HR and compliance teams when it comes to their contractor operations.

Digital Agency

"I was able to create my account and invite my contractors in just a few clicks! As an agency owner it is very helpful to me to be able to onboard and pay contractors without compliance anxiety in the back of my mind."

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Dexter Dake

I’m starting a new business and there are a variety of professionals that do small projects for me. Flexibility is key and freelancers are in various countries, I need to be able to hire and pay them quickly.

With Rise, I created my corporate account in under 5 minutes and onboard freelance partners with ease. I can pay them instantly and manage contracts/invoices all in one place.

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Stephanie Fels
Blue Cove

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Contractors make a living out of their passion.
We've built the most advanced ecosystem for them.
Here’s the true Future of Work.

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