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Rise Glossary

What is a Zero-Hour Contract?

A zero-hour contract is a type of employment contract in which an employee is not guaranteed a minimum number of working hours per week or per month. Zero-hour contracts are used in situations where an employer needs to have staff available on an as-needed basis, but does not have a set schedule or workload for the employee.

Under a zero-hour contract, an employee may be asked to work at short notice and may not have a set schedule or fixed working hours. They may also be required to be available to work on a flexible basis and may not be entitled to the same benefits as employees on permanent contracts, such as sick pay or vacation time.

Zero-hour contracts are often used in industries where demand for labor is variable, such as in the hospitality or retail sectors. They can provide employers with flexibility in managing their workforce, but they can also create uncertainty and lack of stability for employees.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, zero-hour contracts have been the subject of controversy and debate due to their potential negative impact on the rights and security of workers. Some countries have enacted regulations to protect the rights of workers on zero-hour contracts, while others have banned the use of these contracts altogether.

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