Tomorrow’s success demands new innovations today. This holds true for every aspect of your business, including marketing. Building relationships with your customers is as critical as ever. But your strategy has to evolve within this new paradox: as life grows increasingly digital, consumers grow increasingly numb to digital advertising.

Developing effective marketing strategies requires significant investment of time and resources. The need for compelling marketing hasn’t been minimized. But your company’s budget and capacity might have. The good news: increasing numbers of highly skilled workers are available to help you outsource your entire marketing strategy. Onboarding talented freelancers is a cost-effective way to inject new creativity into your brand’s marketing efforts while simultaneously boosting your capacity. And it’s easier to do than you think.

Outsource the talent, not your vision.

Before you do anything else, map out your goals. You’re outsourcing the talent to make your vision a reality. When it comes to your company’s future growth, you’re still in the driver’s seat. And that means choosing the destination.

What’s your company’s mission and identity? Its core values?

  • What products and services do you want to highlight?
  • What kind of business do you want to be, in this moment and beyond?

Marketing efforts should be structured around your plan, not the other way around.

Never begin the hiring process until you are crystal clear about your goals. If you rush into hiring before you’re certain about what you want and need, you risk bringing on the wrong person for the job, resulting in wasted time and money. Know your goals so you can articulate them to others. Doing so will ensure you get everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

Strategize your content with a smart copilot.

You know where you want to go. Now you need the right person to help you get there: a professional who excels in content strategy research. Think of it like driving with an expert navigator, someone who does more than simply reiterate the directions on the GPS. Someone who knows every shortcut and can map out the most efficient route to your destination themselves. In the marketing context, this means having a strategist who understands SEO and content pillars. They’ll develop the structure for the types of content you need to create in order to realize your goals.

A content strategist should help you define your audience. Top-talent approaches an audience with deep curiosity, identifying their needs, motivations, concerns, and decision-making factors.

  • What’s their demographic information?
  • What platforms do they frequent online?
  • What sources do they trust?
  • Who influences them?

The key: know your target audience and understand their behaviors (at the cellular level) so that all of your content is tailored specifically to them. Reaching your target is good. Hitting the bullseye is better.

Add to calendar: Projects, managed.

Your marketing efforts are only as good as the organization behind them. Hire (or designate) a project manager to create a calendar for when all elements should be complete. Outlining campaign arcs, deadlines for product launches, and even scheduling dates for social media will keep your team on track. A clear calendar and efficient project management won’t just help current projects run smoothly—they’ll enable you to plan for the future, too.

Your work is special. Your specialists should be too.

Don’t settle. Work with experienced writers who specialize in copywriting, social media writing, and copyediting. Be prepared: you might find it isn’t as simple as hiring one person who can do all three. Each form serves a different purpose, so each form requires different considerations and skills. You want experts in each field. Copywriters who craft moving stories about your brand to engage readers. Social media managers who keep up with the latest trends and know exactly which meme your market will appreciate. Copyediters who comb through text with an eye for concision and clarity.

With the words flowing, you need vivid visuals to match. Hire a designer to create your assets. While online design software is more accessible than ever with sites like Canva, a trained graphic designer will elevate your brand’s aesthetics. Experienced designers can create brand assets and graphics that set the tone for your brand.

Maybe an individual doesn’t have the ability (or capacity) to do it all, but by onboarding freelance professionals who specialize in each position, your team can.

Key into your data, key into success.

Newsletters sent. Blogs written. Campaigns launched. After you’ve been working with your offsite marketing team for a few months, analyze the data. Metrics tell the story of your marketing’s impact.

Pay attention to key performance indicators (KPIs). They measure your success on everything from website traffic to social media engagement, and even customer retention. If you work with a marketing strategist, they can help you understand what the numbers mean—what’s working and what’s not.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t immediately get the results you want. Marketing requires testing, and a lot of it. You’re playing the long game. Collaborate with your team to make data-informed changes. Flexibility will ensure you hit KPIs.

Assemble your new marketing team on Rise.

The age of archaic agency models is over, but you can still outsource your marketing without sacrificing quality and expertise. The Rise marketplace features professionals specializing in graphic design, copywriting, UI/UX design, and motion design. And we’ve already vetted the creative talent for you with rigorous portfolio reviews and knowledge tests, so you can be sure you’re working with only top creators.

Once you’ve assembled your team, our talent cloud platform allows you to collaborate and manage your independent marketing talent in one place. Because we think you should spend less time dealing with convoluted management and payment systems, and more time doing the work you love. Getting the word out about your business is important. So is finding innovative ways to do so. Ready to build your marketing team for the future of work? Browse our creative talent marketplace today.