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Rise Glossary

What is a Work Permit?

A work permit is a legal authorization that allows a foreign national to work in a country that is not their country of citizenship. Work permits are usually issued by government agencies or immigration departments, and they are subject to specific eligibility criteria, conditions, and expiration dates.

The requirements for obtaining a work permit vary by country, but they typically include evidence of a job offer, proof of qualifications and experience, and a clean criminal record. Some countries also require a medical examination, a visa, and proof of financial support.

The purpose of a work permit is to regulate and monitor the entry of foreign workers into the country, to protect local labor market conditions, and to ensure that foreign workers are treated fairly and receive the same rights and benefits as domestic workers.

Work permits are typically tied to specific employers and job positions, and they are usually not transferable to other employers or jobs. If a foreign worker leaves their job or if their employment contract is terminated, their work permit may be revoked, and they may be required to leave the country.