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Rise Glossary

What is a Work-from-Home Stipend?

A work-from-home stipend is a financial compensation provided by an employer to its employees to cover the costs of working from home. The stipend is intended to help employees offset the expenses associated with working remotely, such as equipment, furniture, internet and phone services, and other related costs.

The amount of the stipend can vary depending on the employer's policy, the nature of the job, and the location of the employee. Some employers may provide a flat rate stipend to all employees, while others may offer a reimbursement system based on actual expenses incurred.

The purpose of a work-from-home stipend is to help employees maintain a comfortable and productive work environment while reducing the stress and strain of working from home. It can also benefit the employer by reducing turnover, improving morale and job satisfaction, and retaining valuable employees who might otherwise quit or seek employment elsewhere.