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Rise Glossary

What is Synchronous Communication?

Synchronous communication is a type of communication that takes place in real-time, where all participants are engaged in the exchange at the same time. This type of communication occurs when participants are able to communicate and receive responses immediately.

Examples of synchronous communication include:

  • Live face-to-face conversations.
  • Telephone calls.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Online chats and instant messaging.
  • In-person meetings.

Synchronous communication is often preferred for urgent or time-sensitive matters, as it allows for immediate feedback and resolution. However, it can also be less flexible, as it requires participants to be available at the same time and may not be practical for long-distance or cross-border communication.

Synchronous communication can be contrasted with asynchronous communication, which is a type of communication that occurs at different times and does not require immediate response or engagement. Examples of asynchronous communication include email, texting, and social media.