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Rise Glossary

What is Global Mobility?

Global mobility refers to the movement of employees and their families across international borders for the purpose of work. This can include the transfer of employees within a company, as well as the recruitment of foreign workers by a company.

Global mobility can encompass various types of assignments, such as short-term business trips, long-term international assignments, and permanent relocations. It can also include the movement of employees and their families for training, education, or other professional development opportunities.

The goal of global mobility is to help companies access the global talent pool, expand their operations in different countries, and build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

However, global mobility can also be challenging as it can be a complex and time-consuming process, involving legal, cultural, and logistical considerations. Companies may need to navigate different immigration laws, tax regulations, and cultural differences. They also may have to provide support services such as housing, schooling, and language training to employees and their families.

Global mobility is becoming increasingly important as companies expand their operations globally and as the global economy becomes more interconnected.