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Rise Glossary

What is a Remote Worker?

A remote worker is an individual who works outside of a traditional office setting and is able to complete their work remotely, often from a home office or other location. Remote work has become more common in recent years due to advances in technology that have made it easier for people to communicate and collaborate remotely.

Remote workers may be employees of a company or organization who are able to work from home or another location, or they may be independent contractors who work for multiple clients on a project basis. They may use a variety of tools and technologies, such as videoconferencing software, project management platforms, and online collaboration tools, to communicate with team members and complete their work.

Remote work offers many benefits, including the ability to work from anywhere, greater flexibility and control over one's schedule, and potentially lower overhead costs. However, it can also present challenges, such as the need to be self-motivated and disciplined, as well as the potential for social isolation and difficulty in building and maintaining professional relationships.