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Rise Glossary

What is a Direct Report?

A direct report refers to an employee who reports directly to a manager or supervisor within an organization. They are a member of the manager's team and the manager is responsible for their performance, development, and well-being.

A direct report is typically a lower-level employee who has a direct relationship with a manager or supervisor. The manager is responsible for setting objectives, providing guidance, and evaluating the employee's performance. The direct report is expected to carry out their job responsibilities as directed by the manager and to provide regular updates on their progress.

A manager typically has a number of direct reports, who together make up their team. The manager is responsible for leading and managing the team, and for ensuring that the team is working effectively and efficiently to achieve the company's goals.

Having a direct report can be beneficial for both the employee and the manager. The employee has a clear point of contact for guidance, feedback and growth, while the manager can have better oversight on their team's performance and development.