The enthusiastic adoption of remote work models by companies worldwide has ushered in a new era of hiring possibilities. Top talent from diverse international backgrounds is more accessible than ever before, with a survey of US companies finding that in 2021 cross-border hiring had increased by 60%

As this trend has continued on a steady incline, global talent agencies have stepped up to the plate, functioning as integral intermediaries between international talent and businesses looking to scale globally. 

The Expansion of Global Talent Agencies and the Growing Need for EOR Services 

Operating internationally and across a diverse range of industries, global talent agencies represent individuals and manage their careers. Common services provided by agencies include contract negotiations, career management and legal support. 

The connections that they facilitate between workers and companies have been a driving force in cross-border collaboration. They provide the much-needed bridge between individuals seeking employment and companies looking to hire specialized skills. 

As their operations scale, the need for EOR services to ensure compliant global payouts becomes critical. While handling an international roster is feasible on a limited scope and within a handful of countries, as talent is onboarded across a multitude of regions, the task of managing compliance and payroll at a scale becomes impossible.

Employer of Record (EOR) services encompass comprehensive solutions for managing all aspects of employment, including payroll, benefits, legal compliance, and tax obligations, allowing global talent agencies to onboard and support international talent seamlessly. EORs effectively handle administrative complexities to ensure smooth operations.

Payroll for Remote Employees

With more companies going fully remote, the hiring landscape has seen a tectonic shift. While in 2019 an estimated 5% of global companies were fully remote, by 2022 that number had more than tripled.

The rise in remote work has in turn caused the demand for EOR services to skyrocket; the ability to hire talent without geographical constraints has brought with it both the potential for limitless collaboration as well as the urgent need for experts in international compliance.

EORs make sure that when onboarding with global talent, all local regulations are met. They play a key role in mitigating legal risks associated with remote work arrangements and serve as experts when it comes to issuing compliant payments across various currencies, including crypto. 

Through an EOR, payroll calculations, withholdings, and disbursements are handled accurately and in accordance with each jurisdiction's rules.The ability to transcend the prohibitively convoluted intricacies of cross-border compliance unlocks global payroll for remote workers. 

Ushering in the Future of Work

The shift towards a dispersed, remote workforce is transforming the hiring landscape, with global talent agencies leading the charge. In order to allow these borderless agencies to operate seamlessly, EORs are growing their operations in tandem, facilitating the transition towards remote work and laying the bedrock for modern employment. 

Because EORs offer a bridge to navigate complex international employment regulations, they foster agility in an increasingly dynamic global work environment. 

Backed by research findings, it’s evident that embracing strategies that foster an agile business infrastructure stands as a pivotal factor in maximizing efficiency and operational performance; in a Mckinsey study aimed at understanding the impact of agility, it was found that operational performance rose by 30% in companies that effectively adopted strategies for enhancing agility. 

EORs are catalysts for flexibility and innovation in employment models. They provide businesses with the ability to swiftly adapt to changing workforce dynamics, whether through short-term project engagements, cross-border collaborations, or freelancing arrangements. 

Through mitigating legal risks and administrative burdens, EORs facilitate the creation of diverse, on-demand talent pools. This adaptability not only supports companies in embracing emerging work trends but also ensures that talent can be harnessed seamlessly, positioning EORs at the forefront of shaping a more agile, inclusive, and efficient future of work. 

Making Rise your EOR

Rise is an all-in-one payroll and compliance solution that manages employee and contractor compensation worldwide. From onboarding to payouts, Rise streamlines HR operations, optimizing companies’ agility in a global hiring context. 

Through the Rise Pay platform, companies can verify contractor identity and compliance in minutes across more than 150 countries while automating instant global payouts in fiat and crypto. 

Rise’s flexible routing infrastructure allows companies to fund payroll in the currency of their choice, from crypto in a digital wallet to fiat in a traditional bank account, and for contractors to withdraw payouts in their preferred currency. 

All operations conducted through Rise are guaranteed to be fully compliant, adhering to local labor laws and tax withholdings. Rise offers an array of EOR services that include, but are not limited to, KYC checks, automated Professional Service Agreements, and compliant global payouts. 

Schedule a demo today to learn how Rise’s EOR services can help scale your global teams and ensure compliance for international payments.