Embracing the future of payroll doesn't have to be a leap into the unknown. With the rapid evolution of the digital landscape, transitioning to a hybrid payroll system anchored in blockchain technology represents a strategic move towards efficiency, security, and inclusivity. This guide is designed to demystify the process of implementing a web3 payroll platform, showcasing the seamless integration of traditional and digital currencies to meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

By adopting innovative solutions like Rise, businesses can navigate the complexities of payroll management with ease, ensuring compliance, and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Steps for Efficient System Setup

Once a payroll platform has been selected, getting started is easy. With Rise, onboarding your treasury and team members and setting up pay schedules can be accomplished in a matter of clicks. First, a company must mint their unique RiseID. Once this has been created, professional service agreements can be drafted close-to instantly and pay schedules for employees and contractors can be automated. 

Getting one’s workforce trained and on boarded to a solution such as Rise is equally straightforward. Workers must complete a KYC check to mint their RiseID, which will be connected to the wallet of their choice. In the case of workers who do not have a digital wallet, this is solved through the use of a Rise security key/wallet. Depending on the nature of the work agreement, workers can receive automatic payments from their employers at agreed-upon intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), or can easily request payments on a per-project basis. 

Through the previously completed compliance checks and registered tax information, both employers and workers will have all of their tax documents and compliance handled by Rise, directly through the Rise Pay platform. 

Transitioning from Manual Processes and/or Non-Crypto-Friendly Payroll Platforms

For many web3 companies, the lack of crypto-friendly payroll platforms has led to reliance on manual payroll entry through the use of spreadsheets and costly currency conversion services. Even for established companies, without access to payroll services that are compatible with their infrastructure, inconvenient processes of manually tracking monthly wages via google docs and converting between currencies such as ETH and fiat have presented themselves as the only option. For many companies, detailed records via spreadsheets made scaling operations close-to impossible and the fees incurred in the process of monthly currencies conversions accounted for a significant operational expense.  

Replacing these antiquated and inefficient practices, hybrid payroll solutions allow for payroll to be executed at scale and with minimal risk of error. Rather than relying on spreadsheets, pay schedules can be automated. In place of manual and expensive currency conversion, USDC funded from a digital wallet is automatically routed to USD for cost savings and simplified tax reporting. 

These same benefits are experienced by web3 companies that were previously reliant on non-crypto-friendly payroll services. Payroll issued directly from a digital wallet replaces the need for traditional bank accounts and centralized intermediaries. No longer do companies run the risk of their funds being arbitrarily frozen by a traditional financial entity due to “suspicious activity” by the sole nature of working in crypto. If desired, all operations can be performed on-chain, aligning an organization's principles with their practices. 

Integrating Solutions and Future-Proofing Practices 

In the digital era, where operational success hinges on agility, adopting practices that optimize for the dynamic landscape of work ensures a company's future resilience and adaptability. As businesses worldwide have become increasingly remote-with 16% of companies now existing fully remotely- and global hiring practices have dramatically expanded, adopting technologies that accommodate this new normal is imperative for survival. 

Globally, we’ve seen a mass adoption of stablecoin usage. 90% of central banks are currently exploring the implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and the volume of CBDC transactions is projected to increase by 260,000% between 2023 and 2030. Simultaneously, the total daily market volume of stablecoins has hit records of $53 B. With these trends on the up and up, integrating stablecoins into one’s treasury and offering them as a form of remuneration to workers lends companies a competitive edge for hiring and retaining top talent. 

Similarly, crypto’s global adoption and use rates have continued on a steady incline. With corporate giants from Microsoft to Tesla deeply invested in the crypto ecosystem, the trend towards mass acceptance is officially underway. 

Embracing the broader spectrum of blockchain technologies gives companies a leg up in addressing change with the utmost agility. From stablecoins and crypto to on-chain identity, web3 is reshaping the hiring and compensation paradigm.

The journey towards adopting a web3 payroll platform is a step towards future-proofing your payroll systems against the ever-evolving digital economy. By integrating solutions like Rise, businesses not only streamline their payroll processes but also position themselves at the forefront of the technological revolution, ready to embrace the global and remote workforce era. The benefits of transitioning to a hybrid payroll system are clear: from operational efficiency to enhanced security and global talent acquisition. It's time to move beyond the limitations of traditional payroll systems and step into the future of work with confidence.

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