For all of us in the Web3 sphere, we know just how fast this space can move, and with all of that speed and innovation, sometimes security and operational issues can arise.

That’s where InFlux Technologies comes in.

Find out how they got started, what issues they tackled, and how hybrid payroll helped them scale their global team.

Let's dive in.

The Emergence of InFlux Technologies

InFlux Technologies Ltd. emerged from a collective recognition of significant issues stemming from centralization, data privacy concerns, app deplatforming, and service outages.

A group of visionary individuals identified these challenges and committed themselves to crafting an alternative solution.

Growth and Community Building

What started with just three people has grown into a vibrant community of over fifty dedicated professionals at InFlux Technologies.

This company represents the core values of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment.

With a solid commitment to its mission, InFlux Technologies strives to offer users a reliable, secure, and decentralized platform that stands as a testament to their dedication to reshaping the digital world.

Development and Dedication

It took years of tireless dedication to develop Flux Cloud to its current state, all achieved without external funding and predominantly through volunteering efforts.

This commitment underscores their unwavering belief in the importance of the Flux mission and the resilience of their team.

In the current landscape, we witness major centralized entities—the very catalysts for the emergence of Web3—now endeavoring to construct their own versions of Web3, while seeking partnerships with blockchain projects to fortify their position.

This acknowledgment underscores their recognition of Web3 as a formidable competitor and a glimpse into the future of digital infrastructure.

Furthermore, the proliferation of Web3 cloud infrastructures and the burgeoning demand in the AI sector for extensive computational resources serve as compelling evidence of the shifting paradigm towards decentralized, scalable solutions.

Their Mission and Vision

InFlux Technologies is driven by the belief that technology should empower, not control.

Committed to transforming the digital landscape, they use innovative solutions to create a more inclusive, transparent, and resilient digital ecosystem for everyone.

Join InFlux Technologies as they lead the way toward a future where technology meets human needs without compromise.

What Challenges InFlux Was Facing and Why They Chose Rise to Help

"As a company that has contractors and employees worldwide, we needed to find a payment platform that allowed us to pay people in a variety of different countries and one that was savvy enough to integrate with blockchain technologies. Rise checked off all of these boxes while still allowing the setup process to be quick and easy”. - Daniel Keller

How Rise Is Facilitating Growth

Rise is helping us grow by allowing us to easily hire new employees and contractors and not have to worry about how we are going to facilitate payroll. Allowing deposits in USDC gives us the ability to skip the back and forth headaches with having to interact with banks. They just make it simple and easy." - Jeremy Anderson

Integrate Global Hybrid Payroll

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