Damien McFarland Damien McFarland

Video ad masterpiece for all social media platforms using stock footage

If you're looking for an Explainer or Promotional Video that will capture your potential consumer's attention and develop a personal connection, a professional stock footage promotional or explainer video is the one to go for.

There’s no need to drop thousands of dollars on a video crew to shoot footage for you. We’ve done it all already.

At an affordable price, I can get you professionally gathered and edited stock footage videos done within a minimum time period. Your video will be made with such high quality that will boost trust, attract your target audience, and help you make great and remarkable sales.

What I'll provide?

✅ FULL HD Video

✅ Background Music

✅ Detailed Color Correction

✅ Includes High-Resolution Stock Clips

✅ Custom colors matching your Logo

✅ Overlay Text

✅ Commercial Use

✅ Intro & outro


March 16, 2021


stock footage, video editing, ad, promotion, marketing, campaign, social media, commercial