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Magic that sells - Creative & Campaign Ad strategy

It seems that you want to create a campaign to promote your product or service. Great - but what does this mean for you?

Let's look at a few steps:

1.You describe to me your product/service in detail

2.You tell me what your business objective is, i.e. you want awareness, lead generation, increased sales, go-to market strategy etc.

3.We decide what the best channels are to approaching your targets

4.We craft the appropriate content for the campaign

5.We promote the content on the channels

What you should expect:

1.You must have a rough idea of your budget - we can't create a campaign without budget limits

2.You must convey all the information I request, in the most transparent manner, so that the campaign planning doesn't follow a wrong path

3.You must work with me and provide feedback as we progress

4.Be aware of the fact that a good campaign can't boost a bad product - if your product is flawed, the campaign won't work magic

What do I deliver:

1.Product/service and market audit to understand your business

2.Campaign planning in order to get you in front of your targeted audience, in the most ROI efficient ways

3.Develop campaign creative to activate your audience in the most efficient way and get them to convert

4.Producing creative content to suit the concept and the content distribution channels

5.Project management and account management

If you'd like to find out more and have an in-depth chat, DM me and let's set up a meeting to discuss.

NOTE: The price is a starting price for this service and varies in accordance with the workload and the required content production. The duration also varies according to the former.


November 12, 2020


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