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Engaging 2d animated explainer video (1 minute)

26Made is a video editing and motion design studio in Cleveland, Ohio with over 13 years of experience, run by me, Brandan Baki. I've been doing this for a long time and have built an amazing team along the way as well as a partnership with my friends at Village Talkies.

Our costs are based on a 60 second explainer video and includes a storyboardscriptwriting, voiceover, graphic designanimationbasic sound design and music.

We like to keep things simple for you but encourage you to be as involved as you'd like. To keep things moving smoothly here is our process:

1. Kickoff discussion

2. Script

3. Storyboard

4. Voiceover 

5. Animation

6. Music and Audio mix


I am your project manager along the way. This is my full-time job so I am available if you need me. If you need something custom or specific, reach out and I will create a custom offer for you.

Ask any questions you might have.

I look forward to hearing from you!


January 15, 2021


video editing, small business, apps, animation, startups, explainer, 2d animation, motion design