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Attention: Martial Arts Instructors Looking to Get More Students in Their Doors...

If you've been having trouble pivoting your marketing and your martial arts practice...

... and it's all you can do to stay afloat, then my profile may just give you a nudge in the right direction!

Because the one thing I'd learned when it comes to writing copy and marketing for martial arts instructors is that...

... a lot of places have more trouble pointing out their uniqueness in a way that MAKES SENSE to their audience!

I've seen it in just about every school I've ever trained in, like with my Pencak Silat instructor, who's had to work graveyard shifts at Tesla AND come train at 7 in the morning, JUST to keep his practice running!

Maybe it's because when they try to speak layman, they end up putting out an overly bland message that sounds insanely cookie-cutter (which is actually a symptom of something too many martial arts instructors are FORCED to ignore)...

... or maybe it's because they can't resist talking in the lingo that they've become used to as martial artists.

So if that's you, you already know where it's hitting you hard: your practice.

Your ability to communicate with your audience in a way that makes sense to them is CRITICAL to getting you the students you WANT in your doors...

... instead of the students from hell who expect you to spoon-feed them.

And I can help you with that.

So if you're still reading this, and you'd like to know how I can get you more students, let's talk!

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