Marko Jurisic

Marko Jurisic

  • Novi Sad, Serbia
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Freelance graphic designer with a great sense of aesthetics.

Hi there, my name is Marko and I am a freelance graphic designer with over 8 years of experience in this field.

I have started to work on 99designs in 2012. under the name of Visual Design and I have grown along with the 99designs community.

Besides graphic design as my passion, I also like to travel, listen to music and practice martial arts especially Wing Chun Kung Fu where I am an instructor.

My specializations are logo designs and development of complete brand identity including social media packages and websites.

I like to tell the story behind the logo, I like it when some simple icon has multiple meanings.

Marten Graphics is my personal brand update and the story behind my logo and name consists of my love for animals and geometry. Word Marten has the first three letters of my name and Art in it. The logo is in the shape of the animal, pencil and a mouse cursor to communicate analog and digital art.

My favorite technics are line art and geometry, but I am open to all solutions and requests.

Invite me to work with you and we will let the creativity flow.

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