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From Uncertain To Distributed Ledger Technology: How Clients Adopt Your DLT Solution

Most marketing starts with a powerful message similar to a blaring TV car advertisement rushing the customer into making a one-time purchase. That works when you don't expect the customer to come back.

What if your target market aim is long term product offerings? Converting the customer from a window-shopper into a client. Versus a one-time buyer. Add the problem of pitching a new technology a few people know makes adopting that much frustrating.

Educating your client on DLT fundamentals creates another hurdle you'd instead not go through, and lose your customer if you don't. A better option to your "powerful message" is convincing your client to adopt distributed ledger technology through conversational content marketing.

With this approach, you never have to resort to a hard sell or push a prospect through sale schemes. Put away your sales funnel and have a conversation with your customer. Only then can you convert them into long-term customers.

With DanielMichele.com as your writer, there won't be a hard and fast upward pitch.

Using your voice, we build content suitable for you and your target audience, delivering informative content. Content, your client, can easily convert to their situation.

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