Martin Fredricks Martin Fredricks

"Values-Based Banking"

In 2018, First State Bank of North Dakota purchased several banks in South Dakota and, therefore, needed to change its name. The company needed to build its brand identity in its new markets while assuring customers in existing markets that it was still the bank they, their parents and grandparents had come to know and trust over the course of more than 115 years in business. Part of that plan was to carry forward the brand positioning line I developed several years earlier - "Values-Based Banking." This TV ad was part of a much larger campaign that also included customer communications, public relations, print advertisements, radio spots and more. I wrote the script, gathered royalty-free video from which the spot was produced and oversaw production. To learn more -


June 15, 2021


TV Ad, Video, Branding, Banking, Lending, B2C, Business-to-Consumer