Brooke Lewis Brooke Lewis

UI / UX Designer

FarLandMD took on a team of UX UI Designers to launch their beta product.

During this 7 month contract role we started with contextual and competitive research of other doctor search platforms and products using travelers insurance as a tool. I wrote a survey that was answered by 71 people through mechanical turk, and mediated 30 user interviews. After our initial research we were led to a pivot in the product goals and we began working on the informational architecture, site map and personas related to this new product.

A product that was built to assist international long stay travelers in the US with the health care management. From our IA we began low-fi design transitioning into high fidelity. Total the team created 20 of the initial screens in and prepared them for the development team.

Tools used: Mechanical Turk, XMind, Miro, Figma


April 14, 2021


PHR, EMR, Health Insurance, Doctor Search Platform