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SL: Don’t touch a hot pan… get a massage

SL: Did you know that you’re hurting yourself? I can help...


Hey first name,

What’s with the subject line? Crazy right? I know… let me explain!

It’s a metaphor about pain and how we deal with it…

So, it’s Sunday morning breakfast… and Sunday morning is a time to be NOT healthy… so you’re cooking up some bacon. When you’re all finished, and that bacon is cooked to a crisp, you’ve drained that grease from the pan… the pan is still screeching hot. You press your hand onto the hot pan.

WOAH! I know… a terrible and painful thought…

So you're burning your hand and you want the scorching pain to end… what do you do?

Take your hand off the pan…?



You go to the doctor and get some painkillers! Of course, this isn’t what you would do… you’d take your hands off the pan. Now take a look at times that you have pain? How often are you numbing the pain instead of addressing it?

How often do you have knee pain but continue to run on that bad knee?

Do you ever feel sad and just numb it with some chocolate?

How often do you pop some Advil and carry on?

And I get it, sometimes you just don’t know how to address the pain, or you’re too busy or too tired… So, instead of numbing the pain let us help you find what is at the source of the pain and create a massage plan to help you relieve your pain. It’s just as simple as taking your hand off the pan! This is why I created the massage membership. So you can take the guesswork out of trying to solve your pain. You know that there is someone waiting for you at least once a month to relieve your pain and guide you in your healing journey.  So take your hand off the pan and sign up for my massage membership. Your body will thank you.

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I’m taking my hand off the pan. 


Talk Soon,


*Owners Name*


July 27, 2021


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