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Book Cover: The Heroine's Journey, by Gail Carriger

The Heroine's Journey, by NYT Bestselling Author Gail Carriger. Non-Fiction. I've been working with Ms. Carriger for several years on her fiction titles, but in 2020 she presented me with the challenge of a non-fiction book. The concept was to evoke the feeling of the type of journey a character takes which differs from Campbell's often-studied hero's journey in regards to storytelling, as well as the ancient nature of the structure despite its lack of academic recognition. The client had several concepts in mind at the beginning, but we narrowed down the imagery to a female bust merged with an old stone staircase, as they also wanted a more artistic look than typical nonfiction titles. This required model and object selection first and foremost, followed by photo blending and texturizing the model's skin to match the stone stairway. The title typography was then shaped and dimensionally altered to appear integrated on the vertical surfaces of the steps. After comparison of several colors, the bright yellow and white of the typography provided the best contrast and visual appeal, as is necessary for nonfiction works and catching the eye of the target audience when shopping with digital retailers.


May 27, 2021


book cover, nonfiction, photomanipulation, photo retouching, photoshop, typography, special effects