Rosemarie Bishop

Rosemarie Bishop

  • Danville, United States
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Inspiring Others to Become and Remain Your Customers!

As a copywriter, I enjoy finding things that are unrelatable... like bowling balls and redwood trees... and finding ways to relate them in order to create catchy headlines, followed by content of various types that entertain and lead your viewers to become customers who will return to you through time.

I write blogs that will draw customers back for more, articles for newsletters, and entire newsletters, if needed.

I write content for websites, both long and short. I’ve even created entire websites, including all the content and order forms, when requested,, plus various graphic designs and alterations. And I’m able to perform website reviews to help businesses maximize their online reach.

I create printable brochures, newspaper ads, and press releases. I’ve even written seven books at this point, so I’m familiar with AP style, MLA style, and copywriting style. There’s not much I can’t do because I also love to learn.

SEO takes much more time to include in content writing because of the research involved, but that can be done, as well. All anyone needs to do... is ask.

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