Judith (Judi) Culp Pearson

  • Eugene, United States
  • Member since May 28, 2021
  • Copywriting
  • $75/hr

Copy and Content to Engage and Build Customer Lifetime Value

 I'm a relationship-building copywriter marketer. To have the best return on your marketing budget, we have to engage and build a relationship with your prospects. My work is result-focused. More email opens and clicks. More sales, more positive reviews.  

If you have a product that will improve people’s lives, I can help you build relationships with them. 

New, expanding, got a problem? I find solutions. I focus on your customer with stories and content marketing strategies. We solve their problems with your products/services. Content, copy, emails, video scripts, consulting,


- Business owners and marketing directors in alternative health and wellness.

- Companies who want to build relationships with prospects and customers 

- Women helping women

- Companies sharing the message of wellness as a lifestyle.

-Companies offering education, opportunities. or information to help people grow and succeed.

-Busy owners who need specialists to maximize growth.

WHY IT WORKS: When we partner you get effective and affordable copy the wellness niche is looking for. I use new, and tried and true, techniques from my clinical work to engage prospects and solve problems.

WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE: Life is a learning pathway full of unexpected twists. From marketing to women in the spa and beauty sector to teaching adults in a private career school, to writing marketing copy for alternative health, wellness and CBD. As an entrepreneur, I have the background and experience to connect with your B2B audience.


-Judith is a dedicated professional writer who is committed to her projects and always delivers on time, and top-quality content at that. She was a delight to work with and has excellent people skills. -Martine Edwards -Cengage Learning

-Judi - You have changed my business and my life. I am excited about the enhanced opportunities and the future. It’s great to work with you. Thank you. -Lynn Van Norman -LVN Medical Massage

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