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Featured in Forbes as an award-winning serial entrepreneur, web designer, and digital marketer..

Adrien is a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, and the founder of Smart Course (, an education technology and healthcare startup offering online courses, coaching, and a collaborative platform for caregivers of kids with special needs.

Adrien coaches and consults for hundreds of founders, advising them on finding product-market fit, business development best practices, UI/UX design, digital marketing, online course creation, B2B/B2C sales, mindset, and scaling startups. He provides an end-to-end solution for entrepreneurs from market validation to product management to full-stack branding to sales and marketing optimization.

His work has led to being featured in Forbes, RTVI, and Shapr Connector's Club, being invited as a keynote speaker for companies such as WeWork, Startup Boost, Freelancers Union, and Digital Nomad Incubator, recruited to join as a co-founder and CMO for both and, and as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the largest global EdTech Accelerator (StartEd), and accepted into Teachable’s EdTech Incubator, Startup Boost's Pre-Accelerator Program, HealthVenture's Y-Start Digital Healthcare Bootcamp, and Hubspot's Growth Accelerator.

Adrien’s main focus, Smart Course, tackles the lack of effective education for people with special needs or learning disabilities.

- 66% of parents of children with special needs are struggling to help their child.

- A National Center for Learning Disabilities study concluded that no one explicitly shows general education teachers how to teach kids with “different needs”, so teachers are not only hesitant to implement individualized instruction, but they don’t even know how.

Caregivers want to help their kids succeed but they don’t have the tools to do so.

Smart Course takes a tailored approach to student’s diverse personalities, skills, and problems; customizing and iterating its approach with data-driven content that leads to action and results. That way, students, clients, and caregivers can collaborate with the confidence and resources necessary to achieve their goals.

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