Tudor Grigore

Tudor Grigore

  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Member since Aug 4, 2020
  • Copywriting

Helping brands discover their unttaped potential through strategic copywriting & branding

"From the land of magic, here comes the Wizard"

My wand stands ready and my spellbook is filled with the most mind-boggling copywriting & branding witchcraft.

I've been in the business of word-crafting and generating sales for 6 years now. I have started my apprenticeship under the guise of one talented visual sorcerer, helping him with written content, headlines, web-copy and other such compelling magics.

As time passed, I developed my skill-set and evolved into a brand strategist, working my magic for the likes of LU Biscuits, General Tires and Footlocker.

I have worked anything that is copywriting related from ad-copy, to SEO content and web-copy, social media, scriptwriting, branding copy with naming, guidelines and brand books, while also dealing with creative sorcery, voice-overs, audio & video production and strategy.

My experience spans cross-industry, both B2B and B2C, working with both SME's and big-corporate.

Shoot me a line and let's discuss your project.

What should your initial brief contain?

1. Industry, size of your company and its market position;

2. The business objectives you wish to reach in a specific timeframe, i.e. - number of sales, conversion rate increase, market share increase, competitive rankings etc.

3. A wide smile :)

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