Damien McFarland

Damien McFarland

  • Orlando, US
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  • Graphic Design
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Video Editor | Motion Graphics Designer | Animator

Let me help you express yourself and your brand to the world. All minds are creative and have a dream or vision they want to achieve, and I am the one that transforms thoughts into physical form. I have major experience in post-production Video Editing and Motion Graphics. Combine the two, and you have a much more memorable project!

I have done projects producing:

✅ Logo Creation & Animation

✅ Intro/Outro Sequences

✅ Whiteboard/2D Animation

✅ Documentaries

✅ Short Films

✅ Promo Videos

✅ Green Screen Compositing and Color Correction

✅ Social Media Graphics and Videos

✅ Wedding Recaps

✅ Flyers/Ads and Animations

Some of the major projects I've worked on are for professional athletes like Will Grant the BMX Racer, and Ronnie Coleman the 8x Mr. Olympia Champion. Videos I've created have helped companies generate millions of views on social media, and helped them gain sponsorships from Pepsi, Disney, and Universal. I look forward to working with you!

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