Frequently Asked Questions


Quick Start allows Customers to search for Freelancers in 5 questions. Rise will suggest Freelancers who match the most with the Customer’s answers: category, sub-category, industry, price range, and timeline requirements.

Rise has been thought out and built with two key words in mind: Quality & Efficiency

  • Our vetted onboarding is uniquely positioned. Only top talent is available on our network
  • Our matching process will significantly save you time and effort during your search. Try it now
  • Once you match with talent, get access to our all-in-one collaboration platform


Rise Freelancers go through a 3 step vetting process prior to being onboarded:

  1. Portfolio Review
  2. Skills & Knowledge assessment test (available in each service category). These tests are crafted by some of our community experts.
  3. Onboarding call with the Rise team.

After checking off these 3 steps, freelancers are eligible to work on Rise.


Rise aims to become a catalyst of the soaring talent economy by fostering limitless collaborations.

With the significant growth of independent professionals, we believe now is the time to give them and their clients the right tools to prosper.

We believe all kinds of organizations can benefit from having Talent Clouds at their disposal.

Rise aims to empower independent professionals and businesses by fostering limitless collaborations.
Rise is a talent network and expert service marketplace for content producers. We make it easy for clients to find and limitlessly collaborate with vetted talent. Additionally, we leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate transactions, collaborations and reputation.
The Work Ethic Rating (WER) is an objective based scoring system for freelancers (and clients soon). It is based on four different categories: Work Effort, Quality, Communication, and Efficiency. This rating is immutable.

There are currently four services categories available on Rise:

  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Motion Design
  • Copywriting

We will be adding more in the coming weeks.


Rise leverages USDC and DAI to facilitate projects and payments.


A smart contract is a computer program which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. It is deployed to the Blockchain. At Rise, Smart Contracts are used to facilitate transactions between Freelancers and Customers. When the parties agree on the scope of a collaboration (i.e. Price and Duration), the Rise Smart Contract ensures the different milestones are completed and the funds are distributed instantly to the Freelancer once the collaboration complete.