DAO Payroll
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Whether you manage your treasury via a Gnosis Safe or another multisig,
Rise is the solution to pay contributors in your native token or any crypto for their work using traditional pay schedules.

Will Rise work for our DAO?
By introducing smart contracts to existing payroll and HR functions, automation can strip out the admins and room for human error.

These smart contracts, which sit within the blockchain, can be deployed to instantly pay someone for the work they have done, once certain parameters have been fulfilled.

Streamline Contributor Payments


Payroll Smart Contracts

Any ERC20

Mass Payouts
in 1 click

How does it work?

Plug your Multsig Wallet

It allows you to send, receive, or store cryptocurrencies securely without the need for a 3rd party like your bank.

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Link any web3 wallet
on Rise or create your own

Wallets on Rise trigger specific tasks

Start Pay Schedules
Approve Timesheets & Milestones
Initiate Payments
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Rise Smart Contracts

built on

How does it work?

Employers initiate signatures to approve milestones, timesheets, and projects effectively deploying payments directly to its independent contractors. Once the signature is in, contractors instantly receive payment and can choose to withdraw their payment to their account whenever they choose. Built with flexibility in mind: Different Pay schedules possible New kind of transactions

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Payments never experienced before.
No need for banks.





DeFi, what is it?
Unlocking financial opportunities

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is the collective term for peer-to-peer financial services and applications on public blockchains.

Think of what you can do with regular banks: borrow loans, lend money, earn interest, trade assets, etc. Now imagine you could do all those same things, but without all the paperwork and third-party intermediaries. That’s DeFi.

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It's Simple!

Pay contractors or freelancers for a set amount of work or hours. As soon as the work has been completed, the smart contract swings into action and processes the payment, without the hassle of working with the payroll team

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